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CTLawyer: you are a dinosaur and completely out of touch with the modern party which, with fewer and fewer exceptions, is set to turn on the Jews. The fringe has unfortunately become the main stream and Schumer today sounds exactly like Sanders. Biden’s abandonment of Israel seems almost complete as he is poised to call for a ceasefire.

The far-left, which has now become the mainstream of the party has a version of anti-Semitism which is far more dangerous than the anti-Semitism of the far-right because on the left, there are no principles of liberty and freedom which the right more or less accorded to all – even the ones they hate. Rather, the socialist, Marxist Democrat party of today is prepared to strip Jews of all rights, sell Israel out for some votes in swing states and make life for Jews in the US as impossibly difficult as they made life for Jews on college campuses. And dinosaurs like you will continue to defend a party of the past which no longer exists.