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yankel berel


A boy of 18 [draft age] is after 4 years of yeshiva only and is still a little kid .
He is NOT after 15 – 20 years of talmud torah. Not at all.
Not for nothing have the dati leumi educators estimated that thirty percent of their army recruits go OTD as a result of their conscription.

This is not pessimism. This is realism.

The OVERWHELMING majority of people excelling in those 3 areas [torah ,yirat shamayim and pikhut] agree to what I wrote.
Am not sure if you would be able to name even one who disagreed with what I wrote.
In addition, I was writing in regard of the haredi learners, the fulltime bochrim and marrieds. Not haredim who do not learn.

Re Majority or minority of the town – this is irrelevant, it would obviously depend on the makeup of the town. Sometimes everyone qualifies, sometimes no one qualifies. All depends on the type of inhabitants.

Sh’A reasoning is that t’ch lo ba’ei netirutah. There shouldn’t be any difference between wartime and peacetime in regard of ‘shouldering the burden’, if they are ‘lo ba’ei netiruta’ .

Am not talking here about immediate p/n.
Am only referring to the ‘sharing the burden’ argument.