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I’m not surprised that he can’t come up with the money and here’s why.

According to Hillary Clinton in a debate with Donald Trump back in 2016 she claimed that he started his business with a $14,000,000 loan from his late father. He didn’t become a multi-billionaire (at a time when there were very few billionaires on the planet) by putting the money into as savings account and earning interest- he used his genius level IQ and real estate brilliance to hire the best people, build the best buildings and re-invest the profits into new ventures.

A healthy company looking to grow will have teams that predict future income, project future expenses and another team that lines up investments so that the future income and future expenses line up while coming up with methods to mitigate unfavorable outcomes. The closer these companies can come to aligning the cash flows, the less cash they need to keep on hand. Selling off those investments much earlier than anticipated usually results in massive losses.

Given the efficiency at how his company runs I’d be very shocked if he had that much cash just sitting around. In a typical environment, if a huge company run by a well known and proven leader needed that much cash other companies would be running to lend money for a bond but here, they’re afraid of the attorney general going after them as well.

I don’t plan on donating to his legal fees though, for two reasons:

1. This may sound selfish on my part but I think that if his buildings do get seized, he’d have a better chance and getting reelected, undoing some of the damage that Biden and Obama have done to the country and bringing peace back to the world while saving countless lives. (Hopefully some of the loony Libs will realize that Democrats are the threat to democracy and vote them out.)

2. When I bought my previous house in NY, I paid between $30,000 and $50,000 more than it was worth- I don’t want to do anything that will make her come after me next.

Please join me and all other Frum Yidden who love Hashem, the Torah and basic human morals more than the few Dollars the Democrats give you not to work and vote for President Donald Trump in November.