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zfeld is 100% correct. As a tuition committee chair, we see that scenario way too often.


And for heaven’s sake, when you write a resume check you grammar, punctuation, etc! Give it to someone you know that is a manager to critique it. Be specific as to what you are looking for, or tailor the resume to show you have experience in the area being posted for. Telling someone “I’ll do anything” won’t register anything in someone’s kop, you need an “elevator statement”! I get resumes all the time from frum people that I cannot make heads or tails of (I am an experienced underwater basket weaver looking to publish seforim”). Your resume should have cause and effect statements; i.e. “I wrote a program in GrubbaKop to count beans, saving the company $205K in outsourcing costs” makes a bigger roshem than “Experience in GrubbaKop programmatic methods”.

*off soapbox*

I can tell you getting a Master’s from a “name brand” university has made a huge difference in salary, and alumni recognize that.