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EinOdMilvado, those who work do so because of their chiuv to pay tuition and support a family, which are both Gemilus Chasadim. Chinuch Habanim is the Ikar, as Hashem only gave us the Torah because we will pass it on to the next generation. Whether you are required to work so that you can pay tuition is a different question.

Besides, the idea is to have children who can support you in Kollel (or at least allow you to retire and not have to work for them) so that you can learn the whole day, since you appreciate learning and spend serious hours learning as a ball habayis (with your 8 hour workday if you are lucky!!!), vs. your children/in-laws who think learning during Bain HaZmanim is Assur.

Of course we are not talking about Mitzuyanim who should be supported, or someone who has a yerusha (current or upcoming) but someone who will not be supported for the rest of their life has to ask a serious shaila before they decide not to prepare for that eventuality.

P.S. If my brother (or shver/parents/uncle moneybags) was rich and could pay my tuitions and rent, I would learn full time as well. But this discussion is for people who (probably) will need to get a job at some point.