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just me

Ein Od,

I have no guilty consience to assage. I worry that when my kollel son will leave kollel (soon most likely) he will not be able to support a family because he has learned nothing. I would like him to learn a profession. My husband (no higher education) works over 12 hrs/day. He learns daf yomi. He carries sforim with him in case he has a few minutes in the day to learn. My son says he doesn’t want to work as hard as his father so he can spend more time with his kids. Parnassa is in the hands of the Rebonon Shel Olam but I, personally, don’t think I or my children are on the level of R’ Shimon bar Yechai that we can just expect parnasa to come by itself. Are you?

If what you say about the Rambam is the correct version, are you saying that young men should wait until their money sourse is totally dried up or dead before thinking that JUST MAYBE they need to show some responsability? I’d like to see the yeshivos say “Oh, of course. Take all the time you need to pay what you owe. You’re in kollel? You don’t have to pay.” I’d like to see the grocer say the same.

We have to do like Purim and raise Olam HaZe to Olam HaBa not just look down our noses at those who have their feet in Olam HaZe.