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jphone, That’s an incredible thing your Rebbe did, I congratulate him for kicking such a tough habit, that is both physically and emotionally addicting, & also improving his health and added years to his life. Your Rebbe knows that he was able to quit smoking and this will forever give him the power to overcome many obstacles in life.

I agree very much with how he quit. Cold turkey may sound like the most difficult method of quitting to some people but think of it this way, you’re trying to not smoke, but every time you pick one up it weakens your ability to do so. You want to stay as far away as you can until you can handle being around it without obsessing, and craving it. This works with a lot of things, Take dieters, they go on atkins, but if they “cheat” just once within the first couple weeks of the diet, the taste is just so overwhelming, they can’t stop at one bite… This idea SOMETIMES works for drug addicts and alcoholics as well.

Congrats to all who quit, and for those who are trying, you must have some other kind of “crutch” to lean on, and support from friends, families and so on, to help with the addiction.