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To answer you briefly, because we will certainly disagree. If I go to someone to be shoiel etza, then I have put myself VOLUNTARILY under this person’s authority. It is fine ,then, to accept his advice and deem it to come with “syata dishmaya”. This was absolutely not the case with the matter at hand. Rav Belsky shelita wrote an article giving his opinion on Chabad. this is not shoiel eitzha ,nor do I, or others, have to deem it as having been written “besyata deshmaya”. As far as “zilzul chachomim”, there are many,many talmidei chachomim in Chabad too. Don’t they deserve the same respect?

I trust you were NOT around in the fifties and eaerly sixties when the Piskei halacha of R,Moshe came out. Check with your elders about some of the early reactions to some of his controversial Piskei halacha.

As far as numbers 7,8,9 and 10.

Rav Shach zz’l (to name him by name) virulently attack Chabad for years,including speculating that you cannot be meshadech yourself with them. I will find the KOl koreh’s if you want.

As far as Rav kook zz’l and Rav Joshe Ber, you must be living on a different planet if you have never heard negative comments about Rav Kook and his shittah and Reb Joshe ber and his shittah.

And, as far as 10, surely you must know that the Gro put the chassidim in cherem and this attitude towards chassidim continues today, albeit in quieter tones, as the chassidm today are too numerous anc powerful.

Lastly, there are many different Piskei halacha, NOT because the Poskim have different OPINIONS but they have different INTERPRETATIONS. Is the artcile by Rav belsky based on interpretations of halacha? Or is it just his opinion that they have strayed? A crucial difference, I think.

I must add that I have not actually read the article but I base myself on what is being reported. I have all the respect for Rav Belsky shelita but I do not have to agree with him on this matter. Chabad feels slighted and they have reacted accordingly.