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Fellow Zionists (Judge Halevi, Ben Hecht, et al), Fellow Nazis (Adolf Eichmann, et al), and Fellow Jews (Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl, et al) all made incriminating statements towards Kastner yet cantoresq and rabbiofberlin remain in denial. Who cares for these Nazi apologists? G-d himself could come down and convict Kastner, and cantoresq and rabbiofberlin will still remain in denial.


First off, ultimately Kasztner was completely vindicated by the Supreme Court of Israel. Ben Hecht, Rav Weissmandl and Rudolf Vrba were not in Budapest and could not know what happened. If one wants to rely on the word of Eichmann over the historical record, feel free.

BTW for the first time ever you’ve truly enraged me. My grandparents, uncle and a host of cousins died in Auschwitz. I grew up experienceing my father’s horror at what eh endured under the Nyilas party. Where I to ever meet you, I’d probably beat you within an inch of your life for calling me a “Nazi apologist” you smug arrogant punk.