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Goan Atzum

WOW….i just read through the 15 some odd post on this forum and i decided that i have to respond in many ways on many things…..first of all i would like to congratulate postsemgirl on her taking a strong stance and not letting up even when so many people attacked her….she is absolutely 100% right…the rabbani of our do’or are the amuday psak for us when they tell us that the right thing to do is not to go to concerts how dare you have the audacity to even contemplate going to a concert….the kol korei was signed by many leading rabbonim stating not to go to concerts, when you have learnt half as much torah as they have you can start thinking about arguing with their psak.

rabbiofberlin – the reason why the chumras of old are kept stringently and the kullos are not is simple….im assuming you have heard/saw/learnt the gemara that compares us to previous generations…i’m going to quote the basic idea….”if they where like angels we are like men if the where like men we are like donkeys” the basic idea being that they where 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x greater then we are or ever will be….you can not begin to be masig the level of ruchneyos that a taana of an amora had…..if you look in sheira avodah of rebbeniu yona os mem tes you will see how he talks about the levels of ahavas Hashem and the levels of avodah that where reached by avraham yitzchak and yaakov, moshe and aharon, dovid and shlomo….i cant say the exact same for tanaim and amorim but as demenstrated by the previous quote they where pretty unbelievable themselves…oh and remember that the previous quote was talking about amoraim to tanaim kal vachmer us…..if you look in sharei kedush i forget exactly where it is there is a story quoted about reb chaim vital and the arizal talking about how if we do little things right in our generation ,due to the tumah and kleipos that we have to wade through to get to kedushah, it is comparable to achieving unbelievable levels in the amoraims times….so after all that said the reason why people jump on chumros and dont jump on kolos….is because they (amroim, tannaim, geonim, reshonim, achronim) where on levels of kedushah that we can’t be masig and the fact that they thought that a chumrah was neccesary kal vachomer on us the “donkeys”….we don’t jump on kulos because when the rabbonim of previous genrations and our genrations say not to do some thing or not to see something or not to go somewhere it is only because we have sunk to such low levels in avodah that we cant do those things with out endangering our yeddishkit….we cant go to concerts with mixed crowds even though there is seperate seating because ossur things happen so yes i would maintain that….and i quote verbatim from your words:”How about a kulloh?? “OSSUR’OSSUR””….

Blue Shirt – I B”H am zoche to sit in a beis medrash all day and learn Torah….the Shulchan Aruch and other seforim of psak halchah DO AND SHOULD GOVERN OUR EVERY DAY LIVES….that is exactly what yiddishkeit is about….there are halachos for anything and everything….how to put your shoes on in the morning, in what order to eat your foods, how you should dress, and yes even when where and what music you should be listening to….and you are right there are diffrent poskin and gedolim and everyone listens to their own….Do you have a gadol that is telling beferush that you should ignore the ban on going to concerts and ignore the bans on certain types of music…i would highly doubt it….even if you write back and said you did i would assume you are either misquoting him or you just plain didn’t understand exactly what he said…

so to end off…yes i will listen to the ban placed on music by the rabbbonim i will not go to concerts and i will watch as girls parade up and down the streets on yom kippur as rabbiofberlin wants me to do becaus i listen to the gedolim of this and past generations so that i will get Sechar in the world to come….like the meselis yesharim and every other mussar sefer in the world says…the whole point of this world is to get sechar so that you can enjoy the ziv hashechinah in the next world…im going to do what the rabbonim say and maybe sacrifice a little of that teivah and enjoyment of music in this world for my enjoyment in the next……are you?????????