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Bored at work…

EVERY kid is really good, just some kids may need extra attention at this juncture of their lives. I really dislike when kids are labeled like apples, good and not good. These are all yiddishe kinder who were born to a mother, we should show some understanding.

From what I have heard, lakewood wants to accept children into elementary school, but they don’t have room, so there is alot of competition to get into school. I should have become chassidish so I wouldn’t have had this problem!! LOL.

Mrs. Langert, you have focused on one aspect of a problem, but there is much more to this. The main problem is that the schools don’t have enough money, the parents are giving as much as they can but it’s barely enough. The community Rabbonim have to establish community schools that are supported by rich people in the community. any ideas anybody?