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What I don’t understand is why this would even need awareness in the first place. Having babies is a very serious thing and long before the 9th month there should be a plan of action to take care of mother, baby and other children as well. The only thing that I dissagree on is the point about the children will be ok for a week being someplace else. If it is a place that they are familiar with or older so to understand what is happening, then I’m fine with it. Remember the birth and introduction of a new baby is a major event, toddlers and small children need the comfort of their familiar surroundings as well an adult they recognize well. This is why it is so important for proper planning. You may have to think creatively but it might be wiser to send the mother and new baby away (her parents, close relative or friend) and let the Father take care of the kids.

Plus , and I know that I’m going to get yelled at for saying this, but….maybe there shouldn’t be such a push to have kids back to back to each other. Just like it’s not fair to the mother who just had a baby to have to deal with toddlers days after a birth, it’s not fair to the other kids to have to share their mother with a new baby. The Gemorah says a women should wait 2 years between kids so that she will be able to nurse the other child before it needs to incubate another baby.