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Indeed as Feivel pointed out, my language was rhetorical. I don’t literally expect someone to say pork is kosher, or even that tznius is inapplicable (to use that example) in such blatant language. Our misguided brothers may be off the Torah reservation, but dumb they are not. They know posting something in such stark language will be laughed away. So they tend to be more sophisticated in their attacks on our Holy Torah. Instead of saying tznius is no longer applicable, they will start yelling “Taliban” when the topic of tznius comes up. Then they will justify themselves with the sophistry of leftist ideology propogated in the university’s.

And it is comments like those, that will cause any Ben Torah to nausiate and jump up in defense of our Holy Torah, and sometimes get carried away with the choice of language in response to such sophisticated, yet blatantly anti-Torah ideology.