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Firstly, the term average/normal is relative. Every person has thier own definition of what they consider is normal. Every part of Judiasm, and every Jewish community has thier own idea of what normal is. What might be considered normal in one place, can be really wacky/strange in another.

Secondly, people should not be labeled as average, unless it is in reference to something for ex. someone can have average intelligence, someone can be an average baseball player. Average means not too high and not too low, not to good or not too bad. But to say a person is average is a lie because EVERYONE has some strengths and skills that they are “high” in and some that they are “low” in. Saying someone is average means that they are in the middle ground for every single area of life, which is usually untrue.

Thirdly, there are some “checklist” attributes and things that Orthodox Jews tend to consider normal such as Mentally/Physically Healthy, Completed Schooling, Stable Home etc. Unfortunaely, any deviation from these norms make you abnormal in the yeshiva world. The truth is, we should not strive to be “normal” because we are all created differently. To try to conform to the “norms” means giving up our unique identity in a sense.

I do not think that it is possible for someone to be just ok in every area – mb you jsut arent looking hard enough, but there are other catagories that you probably arent looking at. Just because you dont sing, dance, draw, book, write, or act well doesnt mean you cant be an exceptional, loyal friend. There are so many different strengths one can have ranging from superficial to deeper.