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Reading through this post and how judgmental and closed mindness most posters have is reminding me why i went off in the first place. I hope you arent turning more kids off.

Chalish- I also vehemently disagree with your comment about modern orthodoxy, i consider myself modern orthodox like feif un, and modern orthodoxy how its supposed to be is not how you say, the pick and choosing thats what the conservative community endorces. we had a tv in my house till i was 11, it was completley monitored with parental controls and i hardly watched, the internet also had parental controls, i didnt go to co-ed camps or schools, most of my brothers and borthers in-laws wear black hats and learn every day. they try to keep halacha completley but like all human beings we err sometimes. yea some wear kippa srugas and are zionists and might not wear black and white but why do we have to distinguish. we are all serving the same God.

anonmymous22 I dont know who you are as multiple people emailed me but I dont mind posting my email address since its a seperate one I use for ywn, and no I dont need warnings I understand the dangers of the internet. its [email protected]