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to “somebody” can you explain yourself? and if you mean what we think you mean, your name should be added to that list..ahavas yisroel is not a blank check..also if we admonish someone because according how we understand that poster, that their stance is anti torah its not out of mentined many times, if c’v they need “hatzalah” and if we’d been hatzalah we run with same bren to the rescue and we’re sure vise versa,unles mechallel shabbos etc.(not because of hate..but the reason muter to be mecallel shabbose does not pertain to one, see yome 84b(?)shulchen ureh, ohr hachayim 329 misna brureh seuf katan 9..mutav s’he yicullel shabbos acha keday s’yekayim shabboses harbe..{dont know if halacha l’mayse}) dont all of you come with statements,”hate in your heart” “ahavas yisroel” blah, blah etc, etc..and if there is hate ..its usually the opposite.. “gedolah sinas am haretz l’talmud chakam yoser m’sinas akum l’yiroel” and that doesnt mean only “talmud chochem” and “am haretz” it refers to “ehrlicha” and “poirkey oil”…and as you can see…(to thse who are upset that we use yiddish in this english speaking country dont read..yes we mean you! just kiddink. see post #41 in following link and pleny others in articles way backback,+I+Say,+Shame+On+You……html#comments