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hopefully my last post on censorship

1) I have seen may posts critical of YWeditors throughout the almost 2 years that I have been reading and commenting. I think that it is clear to all that comments do not get rejected because they are critical of the editors, rather they are rejected do to the tone (language, loshon hara, blatant heretical thoughts, etc of the post). Essentially, the very precept of this thread is an attack on the YWeditors in that what is really being said in post 1, is that YWeditors do not know how to run their site and they allow things that do not belong here. By opening this thread for public consumption, YWeditors are being intellectually honest and accepting of critism, whether they agree or not.

2) nobody of power is preventing anyone from saying any silly (or non-silly) thought that comes to their mind.

3) Posting in someone else’s website is not a right it is a privilege and we need to discriminate between censorship and editorial freedom. I have had comments not posted and I have had suggestions for coffeeroom discussions not posted. Was I censored? no. whatever the reason the editor felt not to publish is his choice and his alone. I have sent letter to newspapers, some made it in, others did not. was it censorship? no. these are editorial decisions. I have seen entire threads being removed because something in the content after review did not seem appropriate to the editor. Censorship? no! editorial right? yes! If at anytime I or anyone else felt such a burning desire to get my/their voice heard on an opinion that was not accepted, I/they can go to other boards or create my/their own blog.

being as I am not going to convince anyone anyways, I will post one last note (perhaps) on this thread:

discrimination and censorship have taken on negative connotations.

We discriminate daily, I prefer to doven in this Shul as opposed to that Shul. I like this ice cream and not that ice cream — the list goes on.

We utilize censorship on a daily basis also. We do not allow our children to talk in certain ways and use inappropriate language. We look at the books that they take from the library and do not allow them to check certain books out — and this list goes on.

discrimination and censorship when used responsibly are proper tools for all.