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Pashuteh Yid

you wrote:

“…are you really giving yourself a pat on the back, and announcing that you have kept every halacha perfectly to a tee your entire life? I would be honored to meet someone of such high caliber. Someone perfect is ideally suited to give tochacha”

this could be applied to another frequent poster and all his “talmudic like” references to other posts to bring his “proofs”

I hate to be the one to be the bearer of bad news to you, but these guys (gedolim and complete tzaddikim in their view) sadly fall short due to bitul Torah. I am posting this as a frequent poster to Yeshiva World (and not (yet) named on the “to be banned” list nor on the list of those naming names of who should be banned), so I am also guilty of bitul Torah, as they are. one can not reach the level of perfection while involved in bitul Torah.

So, these guys can claim that they are the Pincus of today rooting out the evil amongst us, however, 1) Pincus asked a question of the Gadol haDor before acting – and we see the approval and 2) Pincus went to get his spear (the following is from a tape I heard from R’M.M. Weiss) – meaning he was not carrying it with him. in other words, he wasn’t looking for a situation to rise to the level of hero, but when he saw what needed to be done and was very much aware of the Halacha, he first asked, then he got his spear to react.

I do not think that this is what is happening here. Not sure, but I doubt that a Gadol was asked about responding to perceived inappropriate remarks and I am not sure if the reading is not with the intent to respond as opposed to just reading and then having to respond.