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No, but I do own an iPod touch, which has the same applications as the iPhone. In terms of apps, I would recommend it, although I don’t know anything about the other features of the iPhone. There are a good number of free apps and many of those that cost money have a free version that has limited features; you can try it to see if you want to purchase it. My favorite application is 2 Across. I downloaded the free version first and then decided to pay the $10 for the full version. It was so worth it; I get access to tons of crossword puzzles from different newspapers, including one featured NYT puzzle every week (and everyone knows those are the best!) The app is easy to use and I actually find that I get more answers on the app than I do writing on real crosswords from the paper since it’s much easier to write and erase- plus you can check your answers to see if they’re right, and a little red X will show up if you got a letter wrong. I’ll stop raving now; I’m just a crossword fan 🙂 Anyway, apps in general are great. Can’t speak for other features of the iPhone.