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In accordance with the pasuk “b’chukosai teilaichu” Rashi- amailus b’torah, we should go shtieg.

Day one of operation “cast torah”: The enamy is strong and determined! i woke up today at 7:30 b/c my alarm broke. I needed two coffe’s to stay awake during seder, but BH i was prepared and ready due to what ive learnt from previous sedarim. Rosh “This is going to be a long haul, THE YETZER HARAH BELEIVES (it actualy is) HIS WHOLE EXITANCE IS FOR ONE THING TO DEFEAT US!!

I propose the women make a tehillim session for us that more ppl start learning.

(oh yeh if you do this JOSEPH can be general lol)

One last thing: If we were actualy soldiers would you (women) call us to come home or tell us to run an errand in the midst of a war, SO AL ACHAS KAMA V’KAMA WHEN WERE IN THE ARMY OF HASHEM.

(Ii know i know im a shouvanist lol)