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1) “The collecters that send others to the ppl that gave them nicely are being oiver a mefurish gemara in elu metzios That a person shouldn’t say my host treated me exceptionally because in result others will burden themselves onto that host and it comes out he returned his host a bad for a good! “

2) “ooomis15, a true chutzpah on their part. as much as we have an obligation to give they have to learn to accept what they are given and not beg for more.

Last night, after 11 our bell rang it was a van full of meshulachim…all whom had just been by us on chanuka and received money…a groisser chutzpah if you ask me.”

What is especially upsetting is when these guys come to my house (in a beautiful limousine parked around the corner (they don’t know I can see from my back window as they come around the block), and one after another of them ring ther bell. I finally caught on that they were all from the same place, after the third guy came collecting and received money (of course no one showed a teudah, but neither do I ever ask to see one, so I guess that is my responsibility), and I stopped answering the doorbell. As I once explained, collectors are supposed to get a permit to collect in my neighborhood. It is issued by our local tzedaka vaad. I don’t usually ask to see the teudah, I always just gave, because the person came to collect. But after MANY bad experiences, and after a woman in the neighborhood was robbed by a guy dressed as a collector, I am more circumspect and selective.

Thanks, Rosh Yeshivah, for the halacha from Elu M’tziyos that you explained.