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agreed, but as designing mentioned, if the person takes a turn for the worse, you will probably get another message. The problem is that everyone is quick to send these out for when they know someone who gets sick, but we never hear any updates. Is one just supposed to daven for them for the rest of time? There has to be some sort of cut off, for all one knows by the time you or me get the message, the situation could have changed for better or worse.

Also, you mention that you daven for them even if they get better, how do you know they have gotten better? And lets say you get a text that ploni ben ploni needs a refuah, then after two months of davening, he gets better (and you don’t know), now since you don’t know, you assume he is still sick and now you are daveing for a healthy person to have a refuah shelaima, and that is a not a good thing and possibly even an eyin hora.