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The Tehilla website has a comprehensive list of places that many anglos have moved to. When contemplating aliya it is also wise to consider a city if you have family or a close friend there-that can make the difference between a smooth transition and a a hard adjustment. The Hebrew language issue is a great one but it also depends on the schools you send to. If you go to an Israeli town which is not “open” to the anglo mentality, your frustration level can be great. As for RBS and BS, there is a great separate ulpan for boys and a separate one for girls and it is a town known for helping olim integrate. It may be a great “starter” town until one gets used to the cultural differences. Also most American products can be found in anglo towns albeit at higher prices-but this soothes a woman’s acclimation to Israel and makes it easier to get a home up and running. A cheerful woman wife/mother makes aliya a pleasure.