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Dear ssiy, let me start that i learned in the Mir recently and that i am not a smoker nor have i ever been. Firstly its not too surprising that your user name is one letter short of “sisy”, be a little bit of a man and handle a little smoke, what are you gonna say next that there shouldnt be any Firemen they’re inhaling smoke plenty of time and still choose their lifestyles in order to help others?! Did you ever think that maybe smoking for a Yeshivah Bachur is a relaxing way for him to “chill” from his lifestyle of hopefully learning all day! Secondly, talk to some ppl who were in the mir years ago, THEY USED TO SMOKE IN THE BEIS MEDRASH!! And as you probably know now they no longer allow it so obviously the yeshivah is somewhat dealing with the problem! Give it some time! Israel only passed its laws about smoking indoors recently, so give that some time as well!! Im assuming your an american, your just not used to the smoke, there are plenty places worse than the Mir. Finaly, if you wanna deal with problems i say you start with yours first. You Say you’re currently in the Mir “Learning!? Why do you even have a computer? And why are you waisting yout time posting about “problem”,.You deal with your “learning” and growing into a “ben torah” and let the hanhala deal with the problems. As far as i know the Mir seems like a pretty sucesfull Yeshivah. I mean hey, You chose to go there after all for some reason!!!!!!