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ames: I’m really sorry that I made you feel that way – of course I read your posts. And I thought that I resonded to them when it was appropriate – if I didn’t it was unintentional.

SJS – you might be able to blow my cover from a different angle than Joseph did. I really don’t think anyone else would be able to pick up the trail he did.

areivim, my relationship with Joseph goes way back. In fact, I started posting on YW just for the fun of arguing with him. It was pretty neutral until he was offended by a comment of mine, and threw a barb at me. After that, we cleared the air and have been buddies ever since. What’s even funnier is that he and I are lumped together as two of a kind by so many other poster when it is so far from the truth. However, you and I have always had an amicable relationship, so you are clearly at a disadvantage. (: