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Teen you asked

“someone once told me that it is imposible t omove trhu space faster than the speed of light y is this?”

I think this is why (this is how i understood it i may be wrong though),

The mass of any object increases as that object speeds up, the closer you get to the speed of light the mass of the object will keep increasing faster and faster indefinitly and you would keep needing more and more energy to move it along.

In other words, right before it would hit the speed of light its mass would keep increasing again & again.

This would keep making it require more & more energy to move it along indefinitly, and you would never be able to give it enough energy to move faster then that, as it keeps needing more and more cuz its mass just keeps getting greater and greater without stopping at a speed close to that of light.

Since its mass would keep increasing for an infinite amount of times as you get closer to the speed of light you would need more then an infinite amount of energy to move it faster, or even as fast as light & this by definition is impossible.

So only somthing that has no mass (such as a light “particle”) can move at the speed of light.