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Will Hill

josh: Where do you get the audacity to tell Gedolei Yisroel that their statements regarding zionism is hateful? What pedastal do you situate yourself on prior to lecturing the Gedolim?

Like notpashut said: There are THOUSANDS of quotes on tape & in print from R’ Miller & the Brisker Rav & every other Gadol under the sun (EVEN RAV PAM!!!) over the last 60 years expessing their disgust, contempt & HATRED (misanecha hashem esneh) for the Reshaim who founded & continue to run the state.

And btw the quotes of the Gedolim above do NOT come from neteurei karta’s site. Go to their site, and you will not find it there. (look it up.)

oomis1105: The issue here is NOT living or traveling to Eretz Yisroel. It is Jewish sovereignty. And the Gedolim have issued PSAK halacha that it is assur; not just their personal opinions.