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Your post was WAY out of line.

First of all read a few more books, like maybe Perfidy by Ben Hecht.

The Rabbonim who told their congregants to stay were trying to do the best thing they could & all they cared about was saving Jewish lives.

The Zionist RESHAIM had numerous oppurtunities to save HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Jewish lives (particularly from Hungary) but bypassed them in favor of political ideals.

Yitchak Rabin shot down a boat FULL OF JEWS to insure his group gaining control of the new country & not Begin.

Ben-Gurion & his crew SHOT & KILLED IN COLD BLOOD IN MIDDLE OF RECHOV YAFFO Dr. Dahan, who under the direction of R’ Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld had been negotiating a peace treaty with King Abdullah. They killed him to insure their political survival.


These people were & are people who are MURDERERS.

This extreme hatred is not “ridiculous” – It is a passuk in Tehillim.

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