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i will not enter in another fruitless debate about the medinah. As i sadi earlier, the positions are set in concrete. I will, however, answer the questions addressed to me personally.

To itzik- you hide behind the platitudes of “praying for malchus bais dovid so that the charedim should live peacefully, have access to mekomos hakedoshim..etc…’ Yeah, and chazerfislech will fly. Any dissolution of the medina woill be a real second holocaust and a third churban. You clothe your words in unctuous words but you live in a fantasy world to think that there could ber a “peaceful” dissolution of the medinah.

Hence, my contempt. (including the fact that you masquerade as a Lubavitcher, whereas no other Lubavitcher EVER says these things)

notpashut- when someone does not have the better of an argument,one resorts to invective and insults, which is what you have been doing on this matter here. I will challenge you to show me IN WRITING where Rav Pam zz’l or R’ Shlomo Zalman zz’l ever used the words you use against the evil “tsionim”. I will make it my duty to go to any seforim store and look up the quotations, as I did with a previous quote by R’Aharon zz’l.

To say that I am closing my eyes against reality is truly breathtaking in its temerity. The Agudah has stagnated and has had the SAME amount of chavrei knesset for SIXTY years now and whether you like it or not, the agenda of Rav Kook and the religious zionists is the one that has triumphed and GROWN in these past thirty years. The army is now full of religious soldiers- certainly what we alweays hoped for and the WHOLE land of israel is now being built upon, not only Bnai Berak,as has been prophesied by our nevi’im.Tomorrow’s elections will continue the strength of the vision of Rav Kook.

SO, put this in your pipe and smoke it..or maybe something other than tobacco…

All these promises that the chareidim will be the majority is only a pipe dream because- very simply- many chareidim don’t even vote for the agudah! They know, in their hearts,who is right.

And, by the way, Shlomo Lorincz would be the last one that I would believe for anything..but, nonetheless, the quote from the Chazon Ish i don’t understand and the story of R”Velvel is nothing new.A single swallow the srping does not make…

Yet, after all this, I admire and salute you,notpashut, for living in Israel and having that zechus. For that, you are way better than me.