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no i do understand I will have to lower my standars (florida only once a yr, and I wll be living in israel…jk)


yes that is what I am saying, I do know that I have to lower my standards, and I am willing to do that because its learning and I dont want to get into a whole cr fight but its the right thing and i should give up stupidities for it.


I understand with the whole economy it is difficult, and my parents will not be able to give me all i have now for that many years, a’h when i get married I understand I will not have cleaning help, I do not need my manicures, its only my clothing but i guess i will already have so its good that they were expensive so that they last a long time? I know it will be hard but life is all about struggle.


I never said it must be eight, as long as possible but it would be amazing if thats what it turns out to be.


the more i search and be in touch with my soul the more I know this is what I want to and I know is right, so I will just have to work hard and forget about all these material things that I was given all my life.