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striving: i don’t know if this is what shaatra was referring to, but maybe try to thank Hashem constantly when little things go your way. it helps me realize how much good He gives, that you have a choice of noticing & appreciating, or totally ignoring & writing off as coincidence.

I find my days are exactly like this. From the minute I wake up I’m saying: Please please make me feel refreshed & awake so that I don’t snooze… please let me make it on time… oh wow- B”H, I got here in the nick of time. Please please don’t let there be any crazy challenges or issues today… please give me succes in all that I do today… please help me hold back my anger… then- B”H I didn’t let out that nasty remark. Thank you Hashem! oh thank goodness I didn’t mess that one up- what a success. B”H!! thank goodness that messy issue resolved itself so quickly- oh thank you so much Hashem! oh man, what a miracle! a parking spot! thank heavens! on and on… every single minute is orchestrated from above. Plus- even when it doesn’t feel “good” I try to think “ok, this is really for my benefit”. I tell myself “you’ll see in the long run Who is doing what’s best”