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mw13: you conservatives when confronted with the truth, dont debate with facts and figures. rather you practice demagoguery, spewing hate, and insults. however i will concede that lame duck “W” wont bomb you. Regarding the tzedduka angle; taxs will be raised only those who make alot of money (and can afford it). As one of our “compassionate” liberals said, (not “compassionate conseratives” thats an oxymoron, and no, liberal is not a dirty word) that we cannot think that we are not responsable for those less fortunate. who is more toradig? huh huh huh, not the conserative who only cares for big buisness! (big oil, etc..) see the light dear nw13, dont be fooled by the talk radio conserative propoganda machine. All you yeshiva guys are brainwashed by “3 hours only”, and yet you survive due to th rachmunis of the (scary music…) LIBERALS!