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“NO NON-JEW respects the Jews for dressing that way in the summer. It makes them physically uncomfortable to see us that way, and they think we are “morons.” That is a direct quote from my neighbor, who cannot fathom why she sees Jewish men walking around like that. I have no answer for her, because I think it is wrong, too. And during the Nine Days when they are dressed like that and not showering… THAT potentially causes a major chillul Hashem.”

i agree with joseph. who gives a flying hoot if a goy thinks we are morons for wearing our accepted uniform! it is rather pathedic you feel that its wrong for people to wear a hat and jacket in hot wheather. should women also atart dressing down in the summer c”v, because your neighbor thinks its ridiculus that our women must cover their elbow and knees etc etc? should we eat on Yom Kippur c”v because your neighbor finds it mind boggling that we fast an entire day?! i could go on and on