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sjs:because thats what the Gedolim wear so black and white is the Jewish garb for frum men. i have no problem with people wearing otherwise. my kids wear colored shirts on days off from yeshiva. but why cant you respect a yid who wants to dress like a yid everyday, rain or shine. and yes the clothes were made by goyim but that doesnt make it not our garb, not that im saying its halacha although we are not supposed to dress like the goyim but the thing is we are not changing our uniform every season. the goyim have new styles every spring fall and winter! for us we are still wearing black pants and white shirts with hats and jackets even though the goyim decided thats not the style this year or last year or whatever. my point is no matter how much the fashion styles change in the goy’s society, ours doesnt., or at least shouldnt