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Report is due Thursday 3:00pm EST

Encourage your friends not only to check this place out, but to send a trial post and see how it goes over… how they feel about it. It’s a thrilling experience! They will be cordially and warmly welcomed by our special Welcoming Committee and all new posts will get an exciting response from us old timers

That’s another point- the Welcoming Committee (that includes all old & loyal members) must get back on its feet in order for this to survive.

I nominate ames and Jax to submit a sample invitation each which we can all use (male & female versions)- with slight changes to suit each receiver.

Whether your friend is opinionated or chilled out- it makes no difference.

The CR has a topic just for them and their special interests.

Does your friend have a special hobby? Pet peeve? A talent in writing interesting divrei torah? Is he/she a hock-a-cheinik? Is your friend a genius with lots to share on a range of topics? PERFECT- this is the place for him/her!

Jax and ames- step up to the plate, take on this new duty and report back ASAP.

Much appreciated

~ Marketing Manager