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about 10 to 12 years ago, the mdlevine family used to go to a Frum chiropractor. one wintery afternoon, I called to say that we can’t come over because the flu had made an unexpected visit and wasn’t anxious to leave so quickly. The Dr. said no problem, he has a few more patients and then he will come over to us (have table, will travel). I tried to convince him that it is OK and we will re-schedule when we are doing better. He wouldn’t hear of it.

a short while later, the Dr. calls to 1) tell us he is on the way and 2) ask us what we need in the store, because if are all under the weather, we may need at the least some basic supplies.

now, who can tell from where else are you going to get such a level of caring and thought!

btw, I sent a letter to the local Jewish newspaper to publicly thank him for what his service.