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What I meant was that denim in itself is now connected with goyshe forms of dress.

I understand where you are coming from, though I disagree with you. You probably would have been part of the groups that ridiculed German Jews for wearing “short jackets” when they started, which is part of mainstream society now. We can agree to disagree on this point, because there are many things that I would put as “goyish” over denim. I am glad that at least you are consistent and think women shouldnt wear denim either.

As for style – there are MANY subjective areas of style as to whether or not its kosher, and this is often on a Rav by Rav basis what is paskened as ok or not. The point I was asking for is just to clarify if its the denim material, rather than the casual style of the pants. People seem to be jumping back and forth here and not really saying one, the other or definitively both. Nowadays, many jeans are made in trouser styles so that they are much more formal.

You mention that in your community jeans are enormal attire, please do forgive me here but that is not normal attire unless the person does not know that there is or should be a dress code for shul.

We are definitely going to have to disagree here. Many of the men who come to shul in jeans, usually on sunday, because that is their day to do things. This includes mowing the lawn, taking the kids to the park, hiking etc etc. Constantly changing clothing all day long just doesnt make sense. Also, they don’t wear ripped/stained/dirty clothing to shul, just more casual. And they need the casual clothing for their activities of the day.

You don’t have to worry about offending me (or my community) if you want to respond. As long as you speak nicely (as you generally do), its OK to disagree with me. I am generally the minority here, and have no problem with that!