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oomis–I don’t advocate people who keep certain chumros to look disparagingly at others who don’t keep the same chumros. L’shem shomayim means all angles, and surely to put others down dismisses the notion of Lshem shomayim.

I’m also not an advocate of the idea that those who don’t keep the chumros, to automatically assume that those people who have developed sensitivities in certain areas, and are machmir, are instinctively looking down on those that are not paralleling their avodas Hashem. It is important for everyone who is interesting in continuing up the ladder to be aware of their self worth, and being comfortable with increasing their sensitivities in Avodas Hashem, and not letting others derachim get in the way of growing. All must keep the lines of communication open between them and their paskining Rov.