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I do maintain though that choosing to wear jeans, even if just for comfort, will put a person in a certain segment of society, where clothing choice does categorize who we want to be seen as. Same with a person who will ONLY wear a white shirt and black pants. They want to be seen a certain way.

I think there are certain articles of clothing that make a statement – wearing a kippah MAKES a statement. Wearing a streimel MAKES a statement. What does wearing a pair of jeans state? It could be that you are doing manual labor or maybe more modern or 100 different things. Wearing a kippah says “I am an orthodox Jew and (presumably) following halacha.”

To be more clear – its the kippah that makes a statement, not the material. My friends MO husband wears a big velvet kippah. Why? He says its the easiest kippah to find large and he wants to cover his bald spot as much as possible. When he goes to Monsey, sometimes people give him funny looks because he is wearing a big velvet kippah (and his face kind of looks chassidish – cant explain how that is exactly but he just does) so THEY think he is making a statement. Is he? No, but they percieve the statement.