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There is a great investment vehicle called Unified Ponzi Fund (traded on OTC:BB as symbol DRK). Basically, this fund tracks Ponzi schemes which are still paying out and spreads your money among all of them so that you do not lose as long as you pull out at a profit. In addition, DRK, which is sold in units known as “shtiklach DRK” at licenced brokerages all along 13th Avenue that also sell esrogim in season, protects you from clawback should the scam be busted by the Feds because it is impossible to know who was invested where at what time.

The best broker for DRK right now is Gimpel’s Used and New Esrogim Sales on 13th Ave corner of Coney Island. He got burned with a shipment of big orange Yanover esrogim for October 31 that came without lulavim (broomsticks) so he needs all the commission he can get on his DRK issues.