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Ganchoff didn’t compose the Hashir Sh’halvi’m. It was by Israel Alter. Waldman was a great chazzan. The Ba’avur Dovid was by Roitman, arranged by Rumishinsky. The Sarfei Maaloh was by Beinhron, I believe. I don’t really analyse chazzanim based on their recordings, but rather based on their davenings or concerts, when I can obtain a live recording or read a reliable review. I have listened to about a dozen Moshe Koussevitzky davenings, and they are all the same. The thrill with him was not the repertoire but his awesome presence and vocal perfection. David was more musical and Stern is a much more varied cantor, and Ganchoff was the most interesting. But nothing bar none, comes close to Pinchik’s Rosh Hashana.