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I think the piece davy refers to is the Mizmor before Lechah Dodi. The Oz Leamo section always stuck out in my mind. Chagy was a great cantor. His improvisational skills, coupled with one of the fastest coloraturas made him thrilling to listen to. Rosenfeld just doesn’t do it for me, although he is quite musical. He should try to develop his voice more.

I can analyse a chazzan based on a good review if the review is written by a real meivin, and I am familiar with the chazzan. For example, I have a sense of how Sulzer must have sounded based on the reviews of his davening by Edouard Heinslich and Franz Schubert. since they referenced specific pieces and described how he sang them, and I ahve the music for those pieces, as composed by Sulzer, I get a decent idea of what he was as a cantor.

EDITED…from the original post:”This thread is only for the discussion of various cantors and cantorial music. Those you particularly like. It is not to criticize…”