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potsandpans; Bravo!!!!! I must thank you profusely for your last post.

It’s about time someone told it as it is. I’m sick and tired of all these

liberal, warped, distortion of reality that some people insist is the truth.

If any of you would know of the current damage this liberal idea of let the boys

hang out with the girls and form healthy (yeah right!) realationships with the girls etc.. has wreaked on our younger generation of girls and boys.

HELLO People! Boys, immature as they are, will manipulate the girls, immature and insecure as they tend be, especially when they are younger. The boys manipulate

them to get waht they want, leaving them broken, insecure, and scarred, for life

which will lead to even bigger problems down the line unfortunately.

If you dont know what is going on now with a large number our youth,

due to liberal parents not educating their kids and preparing their kids,

letting young teenagers run loose, meet whoever, whatever, wherever. etc..

Hashem Yeracheim. Have some common sense people, PLEASE!!!