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To FrummyMcFrum who is so bankrupt of any logic or reasoning that in typical liberal fashion all it can do is spout typical liberal mindless insults and name calling (which I had thought was not allowed on this site);

Some states were more loyal to the idea of a preserved union then to slavery but you cannot address my point that if there had never been slavery, there never would have been a civil war, because no state would have had any reason to think they should succeed in the first place.

And I notice that in your “definitions” you did not quote where they came from (perhaps because they are fake definitions?).

And if liberlism is so wonderful and so enlightened, how come every single antisemite who posts anywhere on the internet has ALWAYS been a Bush hating America in Iraq hating liberal and NEVER a Bush supporting America in Iraq supporting conservative?

How come Bush had two Blacks in his cabinet and Bill Clintinn never had any despite his label as “Americas first Black president”?

And how come Obama sat for 20 years listening to Rev Wright for 20 years scream about how ‘evil” America and Whites and Jews all supposedly are?

One vicious Bush hating liberal used to brag how his grandfather was a proud nazi serving his Fuhrer in WW2 and how he wanted all conservatives and all Jews dead, and how “right” he thought his fuhrer was.

And youtube is full of liberals attacking conservatibves and Jews and using the “n” word to refeer to Blacks who they also want to re-enslave.

Tell us all about Obama who told Americans enemies that America “has been arrogant” and his friends like Pentagon terrorist

Bill Ayers who said he “did not do enough damage in his treasonous attacks on this country”.

And further; Tell us all about liberal “social justice” when we are all going to be burdened with a corrupt health scam system while those who impose it on us will be exempt for having to participate in their “wonderful system”.