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I went to college, and the lessons I learned in interpersonal relations, how to speak to an eclectic group of people, proved invaluable to me in later years. We need to stop ghettoizing and insulating our kids, because this next generation is ILL-equipped for dealing with the secular world, and they WILL have to, whether you agree or not (even if it is to apply for Section 8). They will have job interviews, doctor visits, hospitalizations, service people, business dealings, even if it the business they inherited from Momma and Poppa, and they had BETTER know how to speak properly to all these people and not sound like uneducated socially awkward fools.

As to the on-line and accelerated “courses” – please, we ALL know what those are. Would you really want your tonsils taken out by someone who completed an on-line degree in MEdicine? (Yeah, Yeah, I know there probably is not one – YET!)