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I believe a mahalech would be like the Griz HaLevi says at the beginning of Parahsas Braishis-l’asid lavo the goyim are going to come & demand schar, The Ribbono shel Olam will want to know why, they will say we built roads, bridges, infrastucture etc. all for Klal Yisroel; He will say no, you did for your own self interest.

how can they lie to the Ribbono shel Olam? says the Brisker Rav, everything in this world is bishvil Yisroel, shenikra raishis, the oomos come to this realization & try to use it to their own advantage-we did it for them! but in truth that was not their kavana.

they didn’t accept Torah from the Ribbono shel Olam Himself when He gave them the choice, so they are phony, so He gave them a navi that was as phony as they were