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you were probably reffering to,

Wolf, Bp Totty, Kapusta, and nother one that didnt come up in my brain at the moment. no?

Now that I have stopped laughing, the extent of the compliment has settled in. Glad to see my ranting has accomplished something around here. 🙂

BP Totty, just to satisfy my curiosity, was I one of the people you had in mind? (btw, with the news lately, your name might not get you too many compliments)

To bring this thread back on track, (sorry!), B”H I do not know of any groups and I do recommend that s/he join the CR. There is something calming (???) and even beneficial about talking on an online forum where no one knows you and your emotional baggage. It may not replace therapy, but it cant hurt. And hey, theres a funny shidduch stories/jokes/etc thread for a reason!

To the OP, whether your friend joins or not, lots of hatzlacha!