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kapusta – I’ll give you a long answer fisrt, then a short one:

One of my favorite pirke avos mishnas are (6:2) is,”each and every day, a bas kol goes forth from Har Chorev and says, ect)

Who hears this bas kol? and to whom is it directed to? One explanation I heard was, its heard by anyone who hears the call (meaning they experience a bolt of teshuva and act on the feeling instead of ignoring it.)

So, while I picked the number “4 members” it was an arbitrary number, but I figured if someone can relate to the topic, they will “hear” it calling out to them, and therefore, it was directed to them (and anyone else that feels they can be of help)

The short answer: About 4 months ago, there was a thread “insensitive comments” and i was expecting each of those respondents to pick up this thread (some already did, the others may just not have seen it yet.

As far as I could tell, you did not comment on that thread, but IMHO, it was one of the better threads. Lots of chizuk, lots of heart. (Not sure how to post the link, so perhaps the Mods can help out with that).