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(leaving out Schlock Rock and Gershon Veroba):

MBD – Yidden, Yidden, Daddy Dear, Ksheyavo HaShalom, Hine Lo Yanum

Lipa – yes, Abi MeLebt. Rumors about Hentelach are just that.

Tzlil VeZemer – a couple are taken from Enrico Macias, a Jewish singer from France. I’m blanking out on which ones because they are old.

Yom Tov Ehrlich – too many to count but the one that comes to mind is the one about the Kol Nidre in Odessa.

90% of koidesh songs from North Africa and the Middle East are set to popular tunes of the 50’s and 60’s that refugees brought with them to the US, EY, etc. The more recent ones are often set to Turkish music.


Reb Aizikel meKalev – Sol Kokos Mar, Golus vi lang bist di.

I just found out that both the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA (Nyet Nyet Nikavo) and Yom Tov Ehrlich (heard it too early this morning to remember the words) used the same old Russian folk song for kodesh.

The problem only arises when there is disrespect or when the tune is just too wild. We just don’t have the resources to compose all of our own music, and a respectable arrangement is indeed elevating the profane to kodesh.

A more problematic situation is wedding bands using secular music to announce the chosson and kallah, often unbeknownst to them or their parents.