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when i’m talking music i’m talking heavy-metal, rap, and the like. i also include other songs, which may or may not be mutar but any regular old jew doesn’t have the depth to know, so he should ask a sheila. back to the rap and stuff, even light rap that has made its way into the lists of jewish music, is such a low form of music – it’s designed for the worst things, to bring out the worst in people. if one has the sensitivity, he’ll feel it.

yitayningwut – the music that i hear nowadays is not the music that i listened to then. it disgusts me because of what it is. when i used to listen to non-Jewish music, i wasn’t doing it lahachis, i honestly didn’t know it wasn’t allowed. same for movied and books. those were the only “bad” things i was doing, so these types of songs are not making disgusted at what i was. i’m disgusted at them, not at me.